Writing 101 – Day 6 – A Space to Write


Sitting at the dining room table, my laptop in front of me, I can look out the window into the backyard. The magpies are usually wandering about the yard looking for something to nibble on. The young ‘uns no longer flail their wings at their parents as they did earlier in the year, beaks open, ready to be fed. It’s quiet and it’s perfect for getting my thoughts down. Wrestling with sentence structure and flow requires peace, no interruptions and a certain amount of coffee. At least for me it does.

While I do most of my writing on my laptop I’m also a fan of notebooks. They’re more portable for one thing. And there’s just something about having pages to rifle through, reading old ideas jotted down late at night, snippets of thoughts hurriedly scribbled, jumbles of words seemingly randomly scattered across a page. It’s fun to try and coax an idea out from that jumble and also add to the mess, curled up on the couch, coffee at hand and pen at the ready.


Writing 101 – Day 4 – A Story in a Single Image


She sat by the window as she had been doing the last hour waiting for her parents to come home. Her brother was in his favourite part of the attic, the little nook where they had built a fort out of the forgotten and discarded things that had made their way up here over the years. It had always been a little bit stuffy up here, full of dark corners where spiders would make their home but she and her brother enjoyed the gloomy space. It seemed to hold endless possibilities for adventure.

She smiled as she remembered the detailed pirate adventure her brother had made up just this morning. They had spent what seemed like hours running about yelling “Yarr!” and “Shiver me timbers!”, laughing and giggling. His imagination was extraordinary for a child so young. She remembered his cheeks flushed from the exertion, his eyes twinkling with delight, happy to just be playing with his older sister.

She turned to look at him and the smile faded. “It was an accident.” she said, practicing for when her parents finally came home.

“It was an accident.”

Writing 101 – Day 3 – One Word Inspiration


the laughter

the feel of their skin

the whispered promises in the dark

the solid, comforting feel of their body beside you

the sound of their calm, relaxed breathing as they sleep

the smell of the cool autumn wind in their hair

the quirks and idiosyncrasies

the quiet moments

the every day

Writing 101 – Day 2 – Write a List

Grocery lists, to do lists, Christmas lists, superpowers I wish I had lists, bills needing to be paid lists, people I’m not that fond of and wish would just go away never to be seen again lists, new recipes to try lists, the list goes on and on. And because it’s day 2 of Writing 101 I present my things I like list, in no particular order.

Dogs. I’m the weird person who, when on a walk around town, will go out of her way to pass by someone walking their dog in the hopes of being able to pet it. Dogs are perfect creatures in my eyes.

Chocolate. The taste, the smell, the silky texture of dark chocolate can be blissful.

Documentaries. Be they about meth epidemics in small towns, the mafia, arcane medical practices, or the Helvetica font I will watch.

Deals. Finding that.. whatever.. that I had had my eye on for weeks or stumbling across the perfect thingamajig at just the right time and on sale can be a rush.

Books. As much as I love my e-reader there is nothing that comes close to picking up a new book and burying my nose in its pages.

Fresh Sheets. Slipping into bed and being surrounded by fresh sheets can be heavenly.

Gotcha! I feel a glee unsurpassed when a hypocrite is found out and exposed. I may be a terrible person for relishing their downfall but I’m fine with that.

Cinnamon. It’s the smell of autumn and winter, of Christmas and pumpkin pie. Perfect.

There are many other things I like but I think a list of eight will do.

Writing 101 – #1 Why?


Always the quiet one more prone to listening than to jumping into a conversation, writing lets me take my time with words. Trying this one and that one. Moving this bit over to there and that bit here. Though I’m nowhere near calling myself a writer I do wish I was better at it and actively took the time to practice.

To skillfully put words on a page, sculpt them into sentences and paragraphs, articulating a thought or idea. To use words like an artist uses an array of colours applied to a canvas. To use a multitude of colours in harmony or a simple few but nevertheless expressing a thought perfectly. To create a setting, a scene or a situation which stays with the reader long after the page has been turned. It really can be a kind of magic.