‘wegian Wednesday


Early on while learning Norwegian I realized it has, like many languages, its own set of quirks and things that make you pause and take a closer look. One of the first among these was the word “gift” (pronounced “yift”).

One definition of the word is “poison”.

Another is “married”.

What does that say about Norwegians and their views on marriage? Likely nothing but it does make you think.

Writing 101 – #1 Why?


Always the quiet one more prone to listening than to jumping into a conversation, writing lets me take my time with words. Trying this one and that one. Moving this bit over to there and that bit here. Though I’m nowhere near calling myself a writer I do wish I was better at it and actively took the time to practice.

To skillfully put words on a page, sculpt them into sentences and paragraphs, articulating a thought or idea. To use words like an artist uses an array of colours applied to a canvas. To use a multitude of colours in harmony or a simple few but nevertheless expressing a thought perfectly. To create a setting, a scene or a situation which stays with the reader long after the page has been turned. It really can be a kind of magic.