Who Are You?


She’s the artist who paints those weird but beautiful abstract things nobody understands.

She’s always dressed impeccably, regardless of the occasion.

She’d put Julia Child to shame.

She’s always been a writer, even as a child.

She’s built her business from the ground up.

She’s a natural gardener who grows all her own vegetables.

She sings like an angel.

She’s a yoga instructor who teaches in her own studio in town.

She’s an incredible mother.

She’s been a volunteer at the animal shelter for years.

What defines you?

If someone had to describe you to a stranger, capture the essence of who you are in only a sentence or two, what words would they use?

With the year coming to a close and a brand new one just around the corner I think we all take some time to look inwards and take stock of things. Whether we’re satisfied with what we find is another issue.

These kinds of questions have been bumbling about in my head for the last few months, vague ideas and thoughts bumping into each other. Not that I’m unhappy with my life and where I am but more of an awareness of some fine tuning that may need to be done.

Do you find yourself more introspective during this time of year? Are there things in your life you plan on changing or tweaking?