Where Am I Again?

I saw her across the street, walking briskly past the empty store. She seemed familiar. Although she had large sunglasses on I could swear I knew her. Her hair, her gait and the way she held herself strongly upright, no hint of a slouch. So familiar yet so hard to place. As she turned the corner I finally made the connection. Or so I thought.

When I moved to Norway from Canada I expected to have to get used to things being a bit different. Shopping at stores that didn’t have quite the exact items I wanted. Feeling a bit disoriented while walking about in a new (to me) town. Sounding clumsy when attempting a new language.

What I didn’t expect was to occasionally feel a brief instant of not being able to pin down where I knew someone from.

Not in the sense of were they someone I actually knew versus someone who only looked like someone I knew. I mean in the sense of what continent did I know them from.



It can be a bit harrowing at the best of times when you’re approaching someone on the street and you’re wondering if you should give them a quick wave or will they think you’re a bit batty. Who is this stranger waving at me?

It’s a completely different feeling when you can’t even place which country you may or may not know this person from.

I wonder if there’s a an actual word for that feeling.

Anybody else experience this? It can’t just be me, can it?

Not a New Year’s Resolution


Did you know that a small bag of sugar, a carton of milk, two small packages of cherry tomatoes, three apples and a small bag of potatoes weighs 6.3 kg (just under 14 lbs)?

Walking home from the grocery store today the sun was shining and though it was a bit chilly it was a beautiful day. I would have enjoyed it a bit more had one grocery bag not been digging into the palm of my hand a little too roughly. Being a curious sort, once I got home I headed upstairs with the bag and plunked it down on a scale.

6.3 kg.

It dawned on me that up until recently I had been lugging that amount, and almost 3 kg more, around with me every day. Every walk around town, every trip up and down the stairs, and every visit to the store.

My New Year’s resolution started late last August with no fanfare, no big announcement. Just a few small changes that have added up these last few months. I’m down just over 9 kilos and though that may not sound like much and I have a ways to go yet I’m glad I didn’t wait for a new week to start, or a new month or a new year.

There’s more I want to do and more changes I want to make and I hope some of you will tag along for the ride as I jot down my thoughts along the way.