How Does My Garden Grow – June Edition

This morning I noticed the climbing rose by the front door is home to a few colonies of tiny, white bugs that could be aphids or mites or something else entirely. On the bright side, the rest of the garden having had a good start last month is continuing to bloom and grow pretty well, so… yay!

The rhododendron in the back is finally starting to bloom. Others around town have been in bloom for a couple of weeks or so already and I was wondering when this one would get in on the blooming action. I’m not a huge fan of pink flowers but this has a nice purple-y tinge to it.

These may have been planted deliberately at some point or they may be weeds. All I know is that they live in a flowerbed I’ve yet to tackle and tame.

A weed that grows everywhere and that I usually pull up but this one is part of a group that’s growing under the deck and since it’s not really in my way I decided to leave it alone.

I quite like ferns and was happy to see this one pop up.

No idea what these are but we have a small bunch of them by the front door.

Weigela? Possibly.

Again I have no clue what this is. I do like the bright blue flowers against the red and green leaves though.

How’s your garden doing? Would love to hear about in the comments!

How Does My Garden Grow

As I may have mentioned before, the house we bought last year came with a garden that had seen better days. Overgrown, ignored and not a space you wanted to spend much time in. It was a daunting task to try and bring some order to it considering how ungreen my thumb is. As much as I’ve pruned, and dug, and clipped, and hacked, and mowed these last few months at times it’s felt like it’s only been making small dents.

This morning, during a brief period of sunny weather, I captured a few photos that show that maybe the dents are a bit bigger than I had thought. Things are looking not too shabby out there.

The mystery of the unknown leaves growing in several places in the garden has been solved. They’ve blossomed into these lovely purple flower… things…!

What I believe to be a forsythia tree/bush has sprouted quite a few shoots at the bottom. Not sure if they should be removed or not but I’m letting them be for now.


The lilac that I had quite severely pruned last summer is doing well. Pardon the blurriness, it was hard to focus on the flower buds but you get the gist of it.

Hosta Leaves

Two massive clumps of hostas, which were hell to divide, are now spread out in two beds by the garage and front steps and in a pot on the deck.

Climbing Rose

I’m glad I took my sister’s advice last year when she told me to hack the climbing roses down to just a couple or so feet. They’re doing awesomely well considering the sad state they were in. I was a bit worried about them but they had been so neglected and overgrown there was no other choice but to prune with no mercy.

I’ve no idea what this is. It’s part of a large clump that used to live in a huge pot at the back of the garden. It seems to have survived the dividing and transplanting so… yay!


The clematis growing on the arbour is full of flower buds, some of them just starting to open. The top of the arbour should be a blanket of flowers very soon.


And forgive me clematis for always wanting to call you chlamydia.

How does your garden grow?