A Walk Down by the Sea

Back in Canada the closest body of water to me of any significant size was Lake Ontario. Though large and impressive in its own right, here in Haugesund I’m minutes away from the sea. Much larger and much more impressive. Sorry, Lake Ontario.

Last week the sunny spring day was calling to me to get outside and go for a walk. This is a fairly rainy and overcast bit of Norway for a good chunk of the year so I listened to that call and headed out. It also gave me an excuse to break in some hiking shoes I had been neglecting for months.

Also I just like sharing pretty pictures of where I live. Enjoy!


I passed this carpet of tiny blue flowers on my way down to the water. Don’t know what they are but they’re a pretty splash of colour.


Near the beginning of the walking trail by Haraldshaugen.


Farther north along the path.


The water was an amazing shade of blue, pictures never do it justice.



I tried and failed to make friends with this sheep. As someone who almost unconsciously gravitates towards dogs walking down the street in the hopes of a chance to pet them I felt I had to at least try and make a connection with this fluffy creature. Sadly it was too happy munching away at the grass to pay me any mind. I took the rejection in stride and made my way further along the trail.


Again the pic doesn’t do the intense blue of the water any justice. I had forgotten how slippery the seaweed and stuff on the rocks that close to the water can be. Had a bit of an adrenaline rush when I was being too confident in my (almost) brand spanking new hiking shoes and for a second I had images of having to be rescued after slipping into the sea.


It had been a windy walk down to the water and after having taken in the view for a while it was time to head home.


Closing with a bit of sunny yellow strewn across a lawn on a lovely, sunny spring day.


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