Ahh, springtime…

…when thoughts turn to warmer weather, renewal and new beginnings. Or in my case getting my butt in gear and getting back to blogging. It’s been a long while so why don’t we start off with a picture laden post of the early goings on in my still-a-work-in-progress garden!


These crocuses (croci?) are some of the first splashes of colour I see this time of year when I look out the window into the yard, shooting up shortly after the white snow drops have made their debut.


I do enjoy these bunches of lush green leaves scattered here and there though I can never quite remember what they are before their flowers come along. I’ve blogged before of my less than green thumb and can report there is still but the faintest hue visible on those digits.


Winters here on the west coast of Norway are quite mild so it feels like spring has been looming for the longest time. The rhododendron buds have been looking plump for what seems like weeks now.


This past fall this Hellebore was looking a bit worse for wear but it seems to have bounced back and its new growth is looking healthy and strong.


Though not one of my favourites in the garden all the roses are starting to show new growth. It always surprises me how much pruning they can take and still come back with a vengeance the next year.


Another dash of vibrant purple just because.


These don’t look like much now but give them a couple of weeks and they’ll be glorious purple balls of flowering awesomeness. Just found out these are called Primula denticulata or Drumstick Primula. I may like them even more knowing that.


And in the great tangle that is the Clematis (always affectionately known in my mind as Chlamydia), this first little burst of new growth. One of a great many more to come in the weeks ahead.

And so may it be with my blog. Stay tuned.

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