Hills, Mud and Blueberries


This past Saturday the Man and I decided to head for the woods to pick some blueberries. The day was overcast but the prospect of fresh berries for the ice cream in our freezer was too tempting to pass up.


While wild mushroom picking is common I decided a photo of the ones we came across would be safer.


The past few days had been a bit soggy off and on. Luckily we had donned our rubber boots for the expedition.


Though the path we took isn’t that popular it is fairly well maintained with helpful bridges over the wettest bits of the way.




There was only one brief rain shower while we were picking and one of us was glad she had her rain jacket on.


This tiny little frog graciously sat still for me.


Many of the bushes we passed had been picked over already.


Quite a few pretty weeds and flowers lined the path. (I’ve no idea what these are)


After a couple of hours it was time to head back down the hill with our haul of blueberries.


Blueberries, ice cream and coffee capped off a slightly soggy and mud filled, yet thoroughly enjoyable, trek through the woods.

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