Norway Is Closed

2016_07_28_ closed_for_july

“We’re closed for the summer”


As July comes to an end you’ll notice some stores that have been closed for what may seem like ages, will throw open their doors, ready to welcome you back again. The construction site one street over will greet your still sleep weary brain with the dulcet sounds of drilling, digging and dynamiting.

Norwegians enjoy an almost silly amount of paid vacation time and it’s refreshing to see that a majority of people actually take it. In Canada most employees are entitled to two weeks vacation though it’s common for a lot of people to not take that time off from work. And from what I hear it’s even worse in the US.

So every year, come July, don’t be surprised to find your favourite store closed for a few weeks, or the painters you had hoped would slap a fresh coat on your house unavailable until early August.

It takes some getting used to but I’m happy it’s the norm here.

7 thoughts on “Norway Is Closed

  1. joey says:

    Totally jealous. My job is part-time and doesn’t offer vacation. My husband gets a week, but only after a year, so no vacation for him this summer. Many places are still offering ‘unpaid vacation.’ I don’t know why people think vacation is a luxury — minds and bodies need rest.

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  2. Pistachios says:

    That sounds lovely! We get four weeks of paid holidays per year in Australia (for most full-time employees). I think some people get even more. I’m surprised to hear it’s only 2 weeks in Canada, but I don’t really use mine, so it wouldn’t be a big deal for me.
    Perhaps I should take a leaf out of this Norwegian book, so to speak, and make the most of the annual leave I’m given (thankfully it carries over year to year too!)

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