Back on Track

This past weekend I was reminded how easy it is to fall back into bad habits. It started on Saturday with a birthday gathering where it would of course be rude to turn down the offer of a slice of cake and because there were two different cakes on the table I had to sample both. To be fair both slices were more sliver-like than I would have gone for in the past but still.

Then dinner time rolls around and how can you resist some crusty garlic bread to go with the soup? You can’t.

Well, I couldn’t.

Oh and look, there’s a bag of potato chips in the kitchen. Let’s have a small bowl of that while we’re browsing the internet.

Add to all this that I had skipped two Insanity workouts that I had told myself I would catch up on and I was feeling like I had let myself down as I headed to bed Saturday night.


My unused workout/yoga mats… silently judging me…

Luckily a new day brought a new resolve.

I made better food choices all day and by Sunday night I had done both the workouts I had skipped earlier that week. I spent over an hour sweating, squatting, planking and being told to Dig Deeper! and though I felt exhausted by the end of it I also felt like I was back in the groove.

I think it’s important to remember that a little wobble in your day or your week doesn’t have to signal the end of all the hard work you’ve put in up to that point. In the grand scheme of things one day will not affect your overall journey if you recognize it and make an effort to get back on track.

And because I’m not about to give up cake and chocolate and all the other good stuff, I’m looking for ways to make my favourite not-so-great-nutritionally-speaking treats a bit healthier.

If you have any suggestions for healthy substitutes please let me know in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Back on Track

  1. candidkay says:

    Oh, I hear you! I used to let myself get discouraged and give up entirely if I missed a few days of workouts. I’ve tried, over the past year, to keep it in perspective. Hard with such busy lives, right?

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  2. Pistachios says:

    This sounds like me last week, except it stretched across the whole week 😛 We had two people resigning from work, so there were cakes and cookies and other sweet treats every day. Cutting a “sliver” of cake, as you say, was definitely the way to go! And then I did a lot of “guilt exercise” over the week-end to compensate – totally balances out!

    As for healthy substitutes, I’m yet to find a recipe I’m truly happy with because they usually end up tasting too healthy, and not indulgent enough. A friend of mine did give me a recipe for sweet potato truffles once, which worked quite well …but I still prefer chocolate truffles 😉

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    • Life n' Whatnot says:

      Ah… chocolate truffles… my weakness. One of them anyway. 😀

      It really is difficult to find healthy version recipes that don’t, as you say, taste too healthy. At least for desserts and such. I’ve recently swapped out rice for cauliflower rice and though my husband is still too skeptical to try it, I find it’s a decent substitute.


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