Not a New Year’s Resolution


Did you know that a small bag of sugar, a carton of milk, two small packages of cherry tomatoes, three apples and a small bag of potatoes weighs 6.3 kg (just under 14 lbs)?

Walking home from the grocery store today the sun was shining and though it was a bit chilly it was a beautiful day. I would have enjoyed it a bit more had one grocery bag not been digging into the palm of my hand a little too roughly. Being a curious sort, once I got home I headed upstairs with the bag and plunked it down on a scale.

6.3 kg.

It dawned on me that up until recently I had been lugging that amount, and almost 3 kg more, around with me every day. Every walk around town, every trip up and down the stairs, and every visit to the store.

My New Year’s resolution started late last August with no fanfare, no big announcement. Just a few small changes that have added up these last few months. I’m down just over 9 kilos and though that may not sound like much and I have a ways to go yet I’m glad I didn’t wait for a new week to start, or a new month or a new year.

There’s more I want to do and more changes I want to make and I hope some of you will tag along for the ride as I jot down my thoughts along the way.

2 thoughts on “Not a New Year’s Resolution

  1. Pistachios says:

    Props to you! I absolutely agree about not waiting until a new year/month or significant day to start something important. You just have to start. (New Year does add a bit of impetus though 😉 ) Good luck with reaching your goals!

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    • Life n' Whatnot says:

      Thank you! I find it’s much easier to put off starting something if you wait for the “right” day to do it. So far I’ve managed to stick to what I set out for myself (for the most part) and I’m hoping any new changes/goals will follow suit.

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