Not Forgotten, I Swear

You know you should reply to the text or the message on your answering machine but the more you put it off the harder it is to do. It’s not that you don’t want to reconnect or that you have nothing to say but you’re not sure if anyone will be there to listen once you do reach out. That’s kind of what’s happened here, sadly.
When I signed up for December’s Blogging 201 I hadn’t quite realized how thoroughly I had been neglecting this place. I’m sure all my devoted readers have been wondering where I’ve been, anxious to read about the latest happenings here in this little corner of Norway. Right?


Maybe not.

Anyhoo… as an early New Year’s resolution I’ve decided to buckle down and not let the dust and cobwebs set up around here anymore. So brace yourselves for random bits of my brain’s musings and the meandering strings of my thoughts coming your way once again. Which reminds me…


In keeping with the season I’ve scattered Yuletide decorations about the house. A Santa here, a nutcracker there, some cut evergreen branches plopped into a couple of vases. And though I’ve accepted that my husband and his family open presents on Christmas Eve (the 24th) there are some traditions I can’t get behind. The light in the window in the pic above is the closest I come to having the requisite triangular Advent lights which seem mandated by tradition in almost every house here. And it’s in the window only because it was gift and I’d feel bad hiding it away in its box in some dusty corner. The fact that it’s a bit more modern looking than others is also keeping it out of the basement. Walking around town at this time of year it’s a bit spooky to see how many houses have the exact same lights, shining warmly from all the windows. I wrote about this phenomenon briefly before.

But regardless of what lights are in the window or when the gifts get opened, the feeling of Christmas is the same whether here in Norway or back in Canada.

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