Writing 101 – Day 6 – A Space to Write


Sitting at the dining room table, my laptop in front of me, I can look out the window into the backyard. The magpies are usually wandering about the yard looking for something to nibble on. The young ‘uns no longer flail their wings at their parents as they did earlier in the year, beaks open, ready to be fed. It’s quiet and it’s perfect for getting my thoughts down. Wrestling with sentence structure and flow requires peace, no interruptions and a certain amount of coffee. At least for me it does.

While I do most of my writing on my laptop I’m also a fan of notebooks. They’re more portable for one thing. And there’s just something about having pages to rifle through, reading old ideas jotted down late at night, snippets of thoughts hurriedly scribbled, jumbles of words seemingly randomly scattered across a page. It’s fun to try and coax an idea out from that jumble and also add to the mess, curled up on the couch, coffee at hand and pen at the ready.


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