The Visor Incident

I have a tendency to get very freckly in the summer so I was facing away from the sun beating down on us as we sat on the deck. My husband was basking in it, face upturned, welcoming its warm rays. His eyes were in a constant squint as we chatted. I suggested he borrow the visor I use when I garden. I brought this up jokingly as I know how much he dislikes that visor. It may not be fashionable but it works.

“You know what I think of your visor. Besides, I prefer the tripad version.” he said.

I was familiar with the tricorn hat, the three cornered hat you see in historical dramas. Was the tripad some kind of modern take on it?

“Tripad? I’m not sure I’ve ever seen those, are they a thing, they sell them?”

“You can buy them online.” His squint was getting squintier by the minute.


“Yeah, Tripad Visor.”

Some small little thing clicked in my brain. It was still a second or two away from completely coming clear to me.There was the barest sign of a smile as he continued.

“Tripad Visor. Dot com.” His squinting couldn’t hide the twinkle in his eyes.

“…. oh for the love of…”

To say my husband is a fan of puns is a severe understatement. The longer it takes me to get them and the more pained I am when I finally do, the happier it makes him.

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