How Does My Garden Grow – August Edition

For a relatively small garden there does always seem to be a hell of a lot of weeding, mowing, trimming, pruning, digging, and tidying to do. You think you’re done but everything just keeps… growing…

Last year I was tempted to pull out all these plants but I quite like the cloud of white flowers they have going on now. As they’re fairly dense I think I’ll just divide them at some point and plant them around in other spots.

Much the same situation with this large clump. Would definitely benefit with some thinning out.

As with much in our garden I’m not sure what this is called though I assume it’s weedlike in nature. But it survived the vinegar I sprayed on it weeks earlier when I was doing a more general weed cull and since it’s got nice purple flowers and it hasn’t taken over anything yet I’ll let it be.

Don’t know what’s up with the odd colouring of this bud but it does look kind of nice.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not a fan of roses in general but I’m happy to see the ones we do have doing well.

Even though pruning them often leaves me with long scrapes and cuts all along my arms. I now sport a scar on my inner left forearm from a pruning shears accident from last year.

This tiny rose previously made its home by the sidewalk in front of the house and because it was tiny would on occasion be mowed down or lopped off by the edge trimmer. After being transplanted I wasn’t sure it would survive as most of its leaves dropped off almost instantly after the move but it’s come back really well I think. It even has a couple of buds opening up now.

Cats may not like lavender (or so Google assures me) but I’ve learned a few small plants aren’t going to deter them from sauntering about the garden leaving smelly gifts for me to find on occasion, considerately covered with bits of grass and moss…

We have two of these plants and although this one is doing well and looks healthy with its bright green leaves, the other is a pale yellow green and looks sickly. Divided from the same larger plant, same kind of soil in their pots, are in the same place on the deck, and yielding such different results.

Another rose, this one a climber.


This is a bit of rock (more of a large boulder) that’s peeking out from under the lawn in one spot and hopefully we’ll be able to uncover a bit more of it and incorporate it into the garden design somehow.

 So what’s happening in your garden? Any interesting and surprise plants popping up?

2 thoughts on “How Does My Garden Grow – August Edition

  1. joey says:

    Love love love! I keep any weeds I define as pretty. I call them wanted weeds. Your weedy purple flowers are called ground ivy here, and I keep mine. BUT, it will choke out any annuals. Gorgeous roses, I seldom see that coloring!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Life n' Whatnot says:

      The ground ivy I may leave alone for now but I’ll keep a close eye on it. The roses I had at first thought were coming down with some disease when I saw the weird two-tone buds. But then, what do I know? They seem to be doing fine. 🙂


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