Sisterhood Recognizee

A few days ago I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Hilary over at Japan Can(ada) Mix named me as one of her 3 recognizees after she was nominated for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. I’ve just recently come across her blog and really like what she blogs about and her style of writing. Do go over and check her out.
She had included three questions that I thought I would answer even though she did say she wouldn’t hunt me down and force me to had I chosen not to.

1. What’s a hobby you used to be really enthusiastic about but don’t do anymore?
I used to always have some kind of creative project going whether it was making a beaded watch band to replace one that had broken, crocheting a throw or painting a set of terra cotta pots to give as gifts. Glue guns, X-acto knives, needle-nosed pliers  and paint were my ever present companions. I’ve somehow forgotten to take the time to do creative things. Not enough hours in the day, not having the right supplies, other things are more important…

2. What’s your top piece of advice you seem to keep giving others?
It would have to be some variation of “just do it” or “just try it”. I look back on a lot of things and wish I had tried them, done them, or taken a chance. So any time I can encourage someone to take a step (however small) to try something new or take a risk (within reason) I will happily be that extra little push they need. Taking my own advice is still a challenge (see my answer for #1… or #3 for that matter, anybody else seeing a pattern?), though I’m working on it.

3. What do you hope will change or stay the same in the next ten years?
If I focus on personal changes I’d like to be able to say that over the next ten years I would have taken up yoga and running on a regular basis. It feels like a ridiculous goal to set considering where I am right now fitness wise but I do love the idea of being able to move effortlessly and with a sense of grace, strong and agile.

Again I’d like to thank Hilary for the nod, it’s always nice to know there really are people reading your words and thoughts after you hit the “Publish” button.

And to anyone reading, please feel free to answer the same questions posed to me by replying in the comments!

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