Playgrounds – The Dreary Series

When I first visited Norway and the town I now call home I was struck by the number of rundown and neglected playgrounds. I know it’s due to the changing demographics of neighbourhoods. The kids who used the swings and climbers grew up, no new families with young children moved in and those who lived around these playgrounds got older and there was no more need to keep them freshly painted and landscaped.
A part of me likes to imagine they’ve always been this rundown, the dreariness of them getting the kids ready for the harsh realities of life.
I find Norwegians to be practical, straightforward people. What better way to let little Arne and Sigrid know that the world can be a cold, unforgiving place?
No sense in sugar coating the tedium that life can sometimes be now is there?

I feel the black and white really highlights the shabbiness and melancholy of these scenes.


And coming soon, my next series, “A small town, an inexplicable plethora of hair salons“.

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