Motivation (or lack thereof)


The other day I mentioned how I often lack motivation and so I bring you:

Hobbies I Had Planned To Start But…

  1. Painting

I’ve had visions of myself standing in front of an easel, covered in paint daubs and smears, my brush in hand skillfully bringing my vision to life. I’ve even got a number of pictures that I’ve taken around town of things I thought would make good subjects. My easel stands in the corner as of yet unused.

  1. Knitting and Crocheting

Norwegian winters are long and dark so what better way to spend that time than to create warm, soft scarves and throws. Something you can wrap around yourself as you sit on the couch and look out your front window into the gloomy half dark of a cold January day, the heat from your coffee cup warming your hands. So far I’ve made a couple of pot holders and a tea towel. If I stitch them together I may be able to keep my neck warm I guess.

  1. Writing

When I was younger I always enjoyed creative writing class in school. Stringing words together, making up characters and seeing which path they take through the world I’d created for them. Maybe I’ve lost touch with that part of me that was able to bring to life people and situations that hadn’t existed before. Even if I tried I’m not sure I’d have the courage to share anything I had written with anyone.

  1. Scrapbooking

I think my last scrapbook page commemorated a winter hike my husband and I took around a lake here in Norway. Since then we had gotten married, I moved to Norway permanently and we bought a house. In other words, four and a half years have gone by with nary an update.

  1. Cooking

Once we moved into our house, the one with the bigger kitchen, more counter space and two windows I thought I’d be whipping up new and exciting recipes every other day. After all I didn’t lug the heavy “Joy of Cooking” tome from Canada with me for nothing, right? It now sits on a shelf in the kitchen resting under a thin layer of dust, two dessert cookbooks and a bread making book.

Despite my dismal track record, I’m still on the lookout for the perfect corner of the house where the light is just right to set up my easel and I’ll keep wiping off the dust on my almost pristine copy of “Joy of Cooking”. And perhaps someday I’ll see if there are any characters hanging about in the forgotten corners of my mind and give them somewhere to go and something to do.

Are there any hobbies you’ve let fall by the wayside? How do you stay motivated or even find motivation? I’d love to hear some tips and suggestions!

6 thoughts on “Motivation (or lack thereof)

  1. kzzinsky says:

    I have pretty much started all of the things you have listed. I tend to do them to the exclusion of all else for 3 weeks…and then forget I even wanted to do them in the first place, until picking them back up 6 months to a year later! I have a blanket that is 10/12 finished. I reckon I’ll finish it around Christmas time 😀

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    • Life n' Whatnot says:

      It’s funny how I’ll come across a bit of something I’ve set aside months and months ago and wonder why I’ve not finished it. Only to set it aside once again after the newest attempt. I’m hopeless, lol.

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  2. Pistachios says:

    There was a time recently-ish when I didn’t do any non-blog-related writing, but then I read some posts on other blogs/sites about how it’s not always about motivation/inspiration – sometimes you just need the willpower to get started, even if the first attempt is disasterous.

    A guy I work with always jokes about needing to buy/borrow some motivation. Too bad it doesn’t work like that!

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  3. joeyfullystated says:

    I garden in warm months, quilt in cold months, scrapbook for gifts, and I write and cook or bake every day…I often wish I could just focus on one thing, but when I do, I feel restless and sad. Every now and again my kids go away for a few days and I’m amazed at what I can get done in a day. 😛
    I’d love to knit soft things, but not enough to learn to knit, and certainly not enough to carve out time for it!

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