6 Things I Learned My First Month Blogging

“Yes! Finally going to start a blog!” was my thought one month ago. I was raring to go, ready to put down my thoughts and send them out to the world.

“So, what now?” was my next thought.

The 6 Things I Learned My First Month Blogging

  1. Picking a blog name

Finding something that’s both unique and says something about what you’ll be blogging about is a challenge. Finding a name that’s not already taken is even harder. Although you may have the perfect name in mind be prepared to do some tweaking as your dream name may already be in use.

  1. Deciding on a template or theme

I could sit down and guesstimate how many hours I spent browsing through different themes and templates. I could tally the time I spent fiddling with the different settings and layouts once I finally decided on a theme. Not going to though for fear the number would cause many of you to question my sanity. You can get bogged down with choices and worrying if what you’d chosen is perfect but don’t. You can always change things up if need be.

  1. The About Me page

I always hated going to a job interview and waiting for the moment when the interviewer would ask me to tell them a little bit about myself. The About Me page can feel a little like that. At first I was hesitant to write anything at all but then I decided it would be easier to connect with people if they could get a sense of who I was and why I was blogging. It took me a few days and a number of different drafts but I’m pretty happy with what I came up with.

  1. When to blog

Most of us have jobs, family, friends and other interests to keep us busy so you may find you don’t have as much time to devote to your new blog as you had hoped. In this case, as in many others, what matters is quality and not quantity.

  1. The statistics page

Being new at this and with only a handful of followers and an even fewer number of comments I sometimes find myself checking and rechecking the statistics page, wondering why I hadn’t gotten any views from the UK today when yesterday I had gotten five. It can be addicting and while having a whole slew of views is exciting what I really enjoy is seeing the notification that someone had commented on one of my posts.

  1. Socialize

It can sometimes feel like I’m at a party where I don’t know anyone and I spot a group of people over there chatting and I’d love to walk over and join in, they really seem to be enjoying themselves, but I don’t want to seem pushy or too needy. Checking out other blogs and commenting on different posts has been something I’ve been working on. While this may not be the neighbourhood café where people get together to chat I feel it’s important to connect with others and let them know their words had some impact on me.

Here’s to one month in and many more to come!

5 thoughts on “6 Things I Learned My First Month Blogging

  1. Pistachios says:

    I actually found your blog from a comment you left on someone else’s blog that I was already following 🙂
    I also dreaded writing my “about me” page. But your “about” page is nicely written! On a side note, I also detest hot & humid weather, so Norway sounds like a lovely place!

    Liked by 1 person

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