Hmm… And You Are…?

Spring has definitely sprung and with that brings bulbs bursting forth their bright green leaves from the earth, plants sending out fresh new shoots and tiny buds on trees just waiting to unfurl their flowers and leaves.

Blue Flowers

It’s a time of renewal after a long, dark winter here in Norway and the longer days are a welcome change. Gardeners everywhere are looking at their flowerbeds and yards, anxious to see what comes in first and planning which plants to buy to add to this year’s palette of colours.

And then there’s me.


There are things popping up in my garden that I have no clue what they are. My less than green thumb means that almost every nook and cranny of our yard holds some kind of mystery. Could the new shoots pushing their way up out of the ground be daffodils? Could be. Or not, it’s anybody’s guess.

Green leaves

I do know we have a lilac tree and a couple of rhododendrons about. A few roses as well though if you asked me what kind I’d only be able to answer with “yellow” or “pink” and “climbing”.

When we moved into our house this past July we had missed this early spring reveal. My main concern at that time was bringing some order to a very neglected and overgrown outside space. Prettying it up properly had to wait.

With the help of my mother-in-law, a few kind strangers on Facebook and two thick gardening books I lugged back with us from our trip to Canada this Christmas, I’ve managed to put names to a few of the plants.

Primula of some kind

With luck, next spring will find me a little less confused, and a little less mystified as to what is going on out there in the garden.

Anyone else find themselves bumbling about in the garden, not quite sure if what they’ve pulled out was a weed or not? Wishing their thumbs were a touch more green?

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