Love at First…. Text?

I like coffee and will rarely turn down an offer for a cup. I’m not even a coffee snob who will only drink some rare bean grown in a remote region and harvested by the light of a full moon. I actually enjoy a mug of instant. This fondness for coffee is another thing D and I learned we share during our discussions.

One day we were chatting online about something I don’t even remember, my attention switching between our conversation and some obscure thing I’d been Googling. I glanced at the message window and saw the words “would you like to go for a cup of coffee with me?”.

Up until then we had talked about all kinds of things, sometimes way into the early morning hours. Music, what we liked to do in our spare time, details about where we lived and things like that. But we hadn’t made any plans regarding where this was all going. I think both of us were just enjoying the moment.

“Would you like to go for a cup of coffee with me?”

Why yes, yes I would. And I did.

Mug of Coffee

This was crazy, wasn’t it?
Was I really agreeing to meet a man I had met online, who lived in another country?
Was he really flying across the Atlantic to meet me?
Was I already planning our future together in my head before even hearing his voice?

Yes, it was a bit crazy.
Yes, I was.
Yes, he was.

The time frame between our first instant messages and our first face to face, in the flesh meeting was 4 months. In that time my feelings ranged from excited, to apprehensive, to exhiliarated, to nervous and back again. I had always been a careful person who thought things through and during this time my head kept telling me to slow down, take a step back and carefully assess the situation. My heart on the other hand had already made up its mind. I picture my head was running around with a clipboard, checking a list of things that could go wrong, things it thought I hadn’t given careful enough attention to. And my heart was sitting in a comfy chair, coffee mug in hand, looking chill and relaxed.

We met in early May of 2007 and have been together ever since. At times there’s been an ocean and over 5000 km between us but we knew it was only temporary. At some point we would be together and that’s what got us through the times we weren’t on the same continent. It was hard but so worth it.

I now live on the west coast of Norway with my husband who is also my best friend. And he knows exactly how I like my coffee.

6 thoughts on “Love at First…. Text?

  1. joeyfullystated says:

    I haven’t fallen in love with anyone online, but I have made valuable connections and then deep friendships — it seems perfectly obvious to me that it’s no different from falling in love through letters, which I actually did 🙂 Lovely story!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. platyzoa says:

    Wow! Our stories are incredibly similar. I am also Canadian, met my Norwegian boyfriend online, and I now live with him in Oslo. Crazy world it is! I haven’t written the story on my blog yet but I will. I enjoyed reading your version of it!! Looking forward to seeing more of your blog 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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