When (and Where) You Least Expect It

I had been a member of this particular music related forum for about 2 and a half years, visiting daily and posting fairly regularly. It was a fun and interesting group of people from around the world whose shared interest brought them all to this one site. Thread topics would range from random meme postings and silly quizzes to serious discussions on recent news stories. There was a small group of us who would show up at roughly the same time each day and we’d often wonder where one of us was if they hadn’t. It was a fun place to hang out for a bit each day.


And then sometime in early January 2007 I began to take notice of one member’s postings in particular. Something about them caught my eye though I can’t say  exactly what that was. Their sense of humour was a big part of it though. I didn’t know who this person was, what they looked like or where they were from. All I knew is that very soon I was logging into the site hoping to see him online.

Back and forth exchanges between us within a thread very soon moved on to instant messaging. We had much the same sense of humour, saw many issues the same way and found it ridiculously easy to communicate honestly with one another. I didn’t quite know what all this was, or where it could possibly go, but early that year as a kind of New Year’s resolution I had decided to be more open to new possibilities whatever they may be. So I decided to give all this a chance. To give him a chance. To give us a chance.

There was just the teeny, tiny, some would say almost miniscule issue of the over 5000 km distance between us. Yeah, that.

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